October 25th 2008

Around september 5th Jurrie has been diagnosed a Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4 braintumour which cannot be removed nor threated in a way that it is curable. He can be treated only with radiation and chemotherapy to have a little longer liveable live with his family and friends. He and the band got a few whishes of course, one of the biggest would be total cure, but that is miles away medical wise, the other whishes would be on stage for at least once and to record their latest creations they made the last couple of months.

Since Michiel and Jurrie got their own studio, there is a little possibility to fullfill this whish (record it in parts and lots of overdubs because of the size of the studio), but Jurrie's health is also a factor in this whole situation. The threatment will start at november 5th until the end of the year and it's a sort of wait and see wheter he can handle this all. So hopefully their and Jurrie 's whish can be fullfilled.

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Shortblog by Jur (March 14th 2008)

This is what we want to happen: gigs! Finally we are able to play live at a great venue Het Kasteel in Alphen a/d/ Rijn together with Sideways and Eyes can't see.

You can see us at march 21st. Check this page for more info!

Check out the Aeolus video - Statue of pride / Video edits done by Tijmen van Galen.


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