April 2003

It's getting noisy...... - Posted at 27 April 2003
Finally there is happening something among Aeolus. First of all there has been an article in the Dutch local newspaper "Goudsche Courant" saturday the 19th. You can find a the article in the "press" section on the website.

Also the promotion CD's are arrived at some places. The local radio "Radio Gouwestad" already broadcasted the song "Dust on the mirror" form our new album and tonight the dutch radioshow "Paperlate" will broadcast track 1 (Vicious Circle) and 3 (Fate) of the new album. Check their website http://www.paperlate.nl for more info. Here is the playlist:

20.00 N E W S
20.03 Jingle / Sponsors / Jingle
20.06 the Paperlate tune
20.09 Arjan Antony Lucassen's STAR ONE - Valley of the queens
20.14 CIRKEL - The prisoner
20.20 CIRKEL - Autumn awakes
20.24 CIRCEL - The first goodbye
20.29 SKIP THE RUSH - Taste of you
20.35 STEVE HACKETT - Mechanical Bride
20.41 STEVE HACKETT - Wind, Sand and Stars
20.47 PROCOL HARUM - The world is rich (for Stephen Maboe)
20.53 INDOCHINE - J'ai demande a la lune
21.00 N E W S
21.10 TRIANA - Se de un lugar
21.17 TRIANA - Dialogo
21.22 TEMPORE - Signore, io sono Irish
21.26 AEOLUS - Vicious circle
21.32 AEOLUS - Fate
21.40 METHAMORPHOSIS - After all hese years
21.49 OLIVER DAWSON SAXON - The eagle has landed
22.00 N E W S

The program will be repeated on Tuesday April 29th 2003 at the same time.

Wanted: singer/songwriter !!! - Posted at 9 April 2003
Aeolus is still in the need for a singer. We had a short period with Nico (also known as Nokey) but that didn't work out. Now we are still hunting for a singer (and possibly a songwriter) to join the band and enter stages within a short period of time!!

Yep.....we all know the site is pretty dull at the moment. No updates and nothing really is happening. We are busy with the singers, until then we can't gig, I guess everybody understands that.

Now the CD is finally there, we are planning on doing lot's of updates on this site, within a few weeks there will be more interesting stuff to see here....get back later please ;-)


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