October 2004

Latest news - Posted at 25 October 2004
New package deal news
Two weeks ago we had a meet & greet with the people of Eyes Canít See and it was an awesome evening. We jammed somewhat and have a few important things in common:

* Passion for music
* Professionalism when it comes to performance
* Beer :-)

The first planned gig together with Eyes Canít See is at February 19th 2005 in Gouderak, you can order tickets online on both sites, so be smart and order now, there are enough tickets now, but soon sold out!

Last gig at Lentepop

Last saturday we had an awesome but short gig at Lentepop, this time located indoors at So What. The audience was enthusiastic and we also had a great time. We would like to thank Astrid Sluijter for the great pictures which you can find online here. We also would like to thank our buddy Erwin (Danc-inn Moon!) who did the sound engineering just for the fun of it! And we would like to thank Danielle of the band Eyes Canít See who saved the video activities by taking here camera with her and shoot the whole gig! Last but not least we would like to thank everyone involved again this time!

New demo
Since a few days a new demo CD is available. We sold a bunch of this demo at the Lentepop festival, but we are also going to sell this CD on the website. We are making more copies and have to create some space on the website to order it. So within a few days you can order the CD. The price is only Ä 3,- for three songs we recorded at our rehearsal room. You can listen to some parts we already put online for promotional purposes on the website to check out the quality. We will keep you updated about the process.

New website! - Posted at 7 October 2004
Since Aeolus is back on track with gigs, new material, a demo and more, we decided to make a fresh website. The new website is more colorfull and easier to navigate. The website is not finished 100%, there are still a few loose ends, but you can navigate a few hours!


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