Finally you can find what you expect here: MUSIC! (Januari 7th 2007)

Ok, it has been quiet for months, almost years, but right now you can listen to two full size demo songs we recorded and finalized for you. These songs The Mask and Take me home are scratch songs, done with programmed drums (no real life drums) and takes of guitars and synths done over the months while creating the songs.

We tried to record and mix something that will hopefully convince also you as a listener that Aeolus is back on track again and on the right track. So.....enough talks,
go here and start your MP3 player software and return here to read on......

So, the music is playing ? Great, now we can tell more about these songs and the entire recording process and progress. At the moment we have about 6 or 7 complete pieces of songs ready to record for a new album. We are still working on new material of course, but we are also planning on recording the album in 2007, we hardly can't wait, hopefully you also can't... .

For the live performances we also have some work to do, that will probably start also this year, the line up has to be completed yet. What more can we say ? Enjoy the music we have put online, hopefully you are stimulated to support us again or from now on. Check out the Aeolus Myspace page here: or leave a message in the guestbook here.

We would like to thank everybody who still believe in us, but also the websites and people who link to us because they believe the music or type of music we make is unique and alive and kicking still!


Finally we have a new vocalist!

Sad news....
After a very exiting period of five years ,the two founders of Aeolus Michiel Kramp en Jurrie Teeuwen, decided about a year ago to split up the live band Aeolus after a exhausting search for a new vocalist. This search ended in a bunch of auditions, loads of emails and demos. But non of the vocalists seemed to be the one they were looking for.

Uhh, forget about the sad news....
The day they decided to quit Aeolus as a live band is a while back, but ironically a few days after that day a promising new vocalist got in touch with Jurrie & Michiel and it felt good from the start. Now, after a break of about a year the three man gathered together and started composing and man it feels like: "Aeolus is where it has never been before."

Remember to get back here very often!
Right now Aeolus is back where they came from: a studio project. . . but only for a while. The live band will be formed as soon as a second album will be recorded and released and based on how fast the new material is written it can't take very long. Aeolus will launch a few good sounding MP3's as soon as possible on the website to share it with you. Check out the pic below, from left to right: Jurrie Teeuwen, Michiel Kramp and Tijmen van Galen.
Picture is taken by Astrid at Eyemind pictures.

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