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Date Changes
september 17th For special purposes the guestbook is back, you are able to add your guestcomments here in a newly unspammable (hopefully) version. Sorry for the double security it carries, but in these ages it's a must... Go here and add your lines, we greatly appreciate every comment! Within a few weeks we will tell you what the "special purpose" means, but you are welcome to guess in your new guestbook comments :-)
july 24th 2006 So, I did some cleanup on the website. Removed some dead links in the links section and added a new link to the progsite New Horizons. Also a bunch of uncut videos are uploaded to Google video, you can check these out via this page. Also removed the old biography entries and added the new bio of Tijmen here.
march 6th 2005 The price for the album Dust on the mirror is lower from now on. The going price on the website and also with gigs etc. will be 12 euro's sharp from now on. So if you still don't have it, buy it!
february 22th 2005 Added a new page with the link to the pictures of our gig in Gouderak february 19th, check it out here.
january 13th 2005 Added the latest album review, added the latest gig and added the latest news!!
october 25th 2004 Added two gig-reports of Lentepop. One written by Lentepop (taken from their site) and the other one written by Jur. Check them out here.
october 22th 2004 Added an extra page about the package gig we have with ECS at february 19th 2005 in Gouderak. You can order the tickets now online. Check it out here.
october 13th 2004 Added a few more links to the links page. Also added the final entrance price for Lentepop and the time we start playing to the gigs page.
october 12th 2004 Added a new page linked on the music page called: artwork. On that page you can view the artwork for the demos, the CD and other stuff used through the years created by Barend & Ingrid. There is only one page finished yet, but more will come.
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